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At La Galleria, we pride ourselves on providing a varied menu of freshly prepared dishes with the finest Italian ingredients that will tempt all palates. We offer a fantastic choice of pizzas baked in our authentic pizza oven imported from Italy.

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Our experienced pizza chef will freshly prepare your pizza to order at our open pizza bar, right before your eyes, plus an outstanding wine list.

As a family-run Italian restaurant in Birmingham we offer a warm welcoming experience, whether you are visiting us for a romantic night out, larger party or corporate event we guarantee that you will be well looked after by our friendly and attentive staff.

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Italian restaurant frequented by locals, visitors and celebrities alike

Italian restaurant in the heart of Birmingham

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Situated in the heart of Birmingham, La Galleria is an Italian restaurant frequented by locals, visitors and celebrities alike.

La Galleria serves hand-made pasta, seafood and dishes from Italy using the finest ingredients. 

We are here to offer you the finest contemporary Italian cuisine and dining experience possible, in the beautiful surroundings of our wine bar and dining room which are nothing short of stunning.

On our very popular live music nights, the dining room caters to over 100 customers at any time and offers enough space for us to present you with live bands playing great music.

Clean Air Ventilation

If after a long hard day in the office, warm and humid evenings are the last thing on your mind, then you may prefer to relax in the cool and relaxing atmosphere of our air-conditioned dining room. 

Our ventilation makes sure the inside air is replaced by outside air several times per hour.

Again, more ventilation may be much more “safer,” However please follow ALL government guidelines.