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What comes on the plate when you order a fish in Italy? A whole, usually–and with head and other things. Fish is served often as baked or cooked in the oven ( Pesce al Forno). If single serving then most likely it will come without its innards too which makes sense because otherwise who wants more than one bite of something delicious like this?!


Italian Fish Menu


2 fresh fillets of seabass cooked in white wine, garlic, butter, cherry tomatoes, green olives & parsley

Coda di rospo alla provenzale

Fresh monk fish tail pan-fried with garlic, onions, chilli, white wine and cream with a touch of tomato sauce and parsley

Swordfish in salsa verde

Grilled swordfish steak served on a bed of salad with a green tapenade

All fish dishes are served with

Salmone al Pepe rosa

Salmon steak pan-fried with a brandy, onions, pink
peppercorns and cream with a touch of tomato

Sogliola di dover alla mucnaia

Grilled fresh Dover sole, finished in white wine and lemon
butter sauce.

Lobster Thermidor

Fresh lobster cooked with shallots in a brandy & mustard infused cream sauce, gratinated with a Parmesan crust